I belong from a small city situated in the north-eastern part of India. The place is good and also happens to be my hometown. I always get happy when it rains after a long gap. Because you get to experience the petrichor. There is something that makes ne utterly joyous with the heralding of the dark clouds. And so, after a long gap of maybe 3 months it rained yesterday. I was taking my afternoon siesta as usual after having my lunch. My mother was cleaning up the dishes when the next thing I know, it was pouring outside. My mother immediately rushed upstairs to the terrace to get the clothes, wouldn’t want them to get wet now would we, while I jumped from my bed and ran outside. The landscape had changed. The trees and plants around were starting to come to their natural colors after enduring the dust for months. It was nothing short of a blessing to them. Some of the cows that graze near our house were running helter skelter. They were quite confused as to where the rains suddenly came from. A few people were screaming to their family members to take the clothes inside. I was quite amused watching these turn of events. As I sat in the verandah I was feeling the petrichor seep within me. It was as if my lungs were vacuum cleaned. I had waited for this moment from the past 3 months. I saw a few birds flying by and looking up saw the clouds converging with a few rumbling of thunder in between. Yes, the rains had arrived and so did the sweet smell of the soil.

8th December


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