New year, is it?

So time flies by as usual and a new, shining, polished year steps in. I must say, time f l i e s. Or is it just our minds having the tendency to believe that “time flies” whenever something ends, whether it is a year or a beautiful evening with your loved ones. An interesting thought. Happens to almost every human being and all we are left is to say, “Sigh. That went away faster than expected. It feels like I just passed high school a few weeks ago.”

People always hope that with the beginning of something ‘new’ comes the idea of a ‘refresh and restart’ button to their lives. It comes free with the ‘new’ thing. Promising to workout more, drink less, read more, lament less, explore more, sleep less are some of the ideas that come to a person’s mind with the beginning of a new year. Popularly termed as ‘new year resolutions’. Lasting barely a day. Some stretch it too a week or a fortnight at the most. Another proof of the ever vague human mind. It’s inability to keep promises in any form. It’s always amusing to me when I see people accepting the fact that they learnt a lot from their mistakes this particular year, which they repeat again,  and confess again, the next year. This cycle goes on and on. Another example of our minds. Always vague.

Honestly speaking, ‘new’ years don’t appeal to me anymore. It’s just the passage of time for me. Sure, I do like to spend time with my family on new year’s eve. But I don’t believe that with the passage of a particular amount of time (in this case 365 days or  what we call a year) , I should suddenly become happy and party around, screaming my lungs out, drinking like shit and ultimately passing out. Not my zone. Not my idea of happiness. I don’t even fully get the idea of celebrating when a year ends. Logically speaking, you are just a step closer to your death. Party for that? Nah.

In my case, with the passing of time and years, I have met a lot of new people, explored a lot of new things, ate a lot of food, still thin though, visited various places, read a lot, typed a lot, slept a lot, savored some beautiful moments but still, each passing year is almost monotonous to me. My bad luck, I guess. I have seen the world changing. I have seen my city changing. I have seen the falling of leaves during autumns, the dew drops in winter, the scorching heat in summers, the lively leaves in spring. I have watched villages turn into towns, towns turn into cities, empty fields turning into construction sites, forests reduced to empty fields.
I have seen how lives change. I have seen how people change. I have seen how the masks fall off slowly. I have seen man become beast.

This past year has been rough on me. I have stumbled countless times, fell even hurt myself. I have also realized more than I could ever imagine. I have felt my mind expanding, exploring unexplored territories. Finding beauty in unexpected things, taking up interest in totally different fields of activity. Falling in love with words. Creating something from the fragments in my mind. Penning them whenever I could. Doing things I would have laughed about doing in the previous years (which includes writing this blog too). But, I have come to realize that, it’s okay. It’s okay to fall. I feel I am still on the ground, but I haven’t given up the idea of getting up again. If not today, then tomorrow. Life has been significantly unfair to me. Not going to deny that. Or lament about that either. But I am starting to accept the fact that not everything goes according to your plan. You make mistakes, you feel bad like shit, you feel tremendous pain and self loathing, you hurt your dear ones. But at the end of the day, it all goes away. Time heals if nothing else.

So, I don’t think you need to be happy with the oncoming of a new year. Be thankful instead. For all the beautiful moments. For all the achievements. For being loved and respected. I don’t know how this year is going to shape up. Honestly, I don’t even care. I believe, doing what you love and doing it right is all that matters. I absolutely have no wishes to make to the ‘new year god’ to fill my life with love, happiness, people, Netflix or anything else. Though, I am eagerly waiting for the next Mr.Robot season.

So here’s wishing you all a magnificent new year ahead. Thanks for reading this long post (if you did). Thanks for your time.

P.S Do leave your comments (if any)


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