Unable to Write

Lately, this has been happening way too often. And it is slowly starting to get frustrating. As the days are passing by,  without any kind of productive writing emerging from my head, I am getting paranoid. Honestly, I haven’t found ‘anything’ to write about in these last few weeks. Oh! The agony. Maybe this is the result of staying away from home. This might sound crazy but for me I feel that ideas and instances come to my mind more often when I am in my home. In my own room, by my table lamp, late at night drowned with the eerie silence. Occasionally, with my headphones to give me company. That is my zone. Yes, definitely crazy this is but it comes with it’s perks. And demerits like this of course. This whole scenario in which I am stuck right now.

A question arises here. Do writers need a reason to write everything? Or a subject? Or a simple fleeing thought? I myself am not sure how much contradicting the answer to this question will be. In my case,  imagination plays an important role in everything I try to write. Sometimes the things that you go through propel you to pick up the pen too. Looking at your surroundings and introspecting out of that creates thoughts as well. So considering everything, I do am obliged to believe that indeed a subject matter is necessary to write something. Again this might be contradicting to some. For I have also seen people creating ardent pieces of writing just out of pure imagination which results in making me all the more miserable. If only, I had such tremendous calibre. Well, miles to go before I sleep. Indeed.

I don’t know which part I am lacking right now. The imagination part or the ‘introspecting the surroundings’ part but nevertheless it is starting to get frustrating. Finally I have decided to share my fair share of this mental agony with everyone reading this blog. I guess this happens to most of us.

Picture: livingchords.com



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