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March is about early, sunny mornings

It is about the struggle between the blanket and the fan,

Getting sweaty at nights,

And the distasteful feeling of wet bed sheets

Tossing and turning and eventually waking up


March is about light pink flowers on the Rain Tree

The time when it is not shedding its leaves

March is about the winds carrying the small dispersals

That gets stuck in your hair, unknowingly

And quietly


March is about the rain and thunder

That comes during the nights

Like a train arriving at the station, and

Leaving before you know it


March is about the need for ice cream,

Cassatas and Oreo thick shakes

March is about runny noses and a sore throat

And more ice cream the very next day


March is about the wind blowing the dust

About squinting eyes and shielded faces

March is about chapped lips and dry skin

It is about the hair falling on your face





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