“I no longer want to carry the weight of fear”

“This is not just for urban women. It’s for urban and rural women. It’s for women across India and women from different Indias.” says Jasmeen Patheja with a determined expression. In Bangalore’s perpetual drizzle that scatters people to shelter, Patheja stands firm. Her short hair and striped blue saree is soaked but she takes on… Continue reading “I no longer want to carry the weight of fear”

Why Drongo is the New Khal Drogo

Something I wrote got published on The Open Dosa “There are places in Bangalore, unlike many other metro cities, where one can observe and listen to a multitude of birds. The city has an active birdwatching community which makes morning visits to Lalbagh and Cubbon Park to spot these aves.” Read more: http://www.opendosa.in/why-drongo-is-the-new-khal-drogo/

Bangalore’s stronghold of all things heavy

Take a look at the city’s only licensed heavy metal merch store Clad in a grey Iron Maiden t-shirt, 42-year old Vikram Bhat is busy texting on his phone when I arrive. It is a breezy Sunday evening and the roads of MG Road are empty while the nearby Brigade Road is starting to see… Continue reading Bangalore’s stronghold of all things heavy

Sartre’s version of hell

Spanning over two hours, Jean Paul Sartre’s seminal 1944 play No Exit (Huis Clos) is an acquired taste. It has to be consumed one take at a time, like the gentle chewing of undercooked rice. As part of Bangalore Little Theatre’s (BLT) three-day French Theatre Festival, Alliance Francaise de Bangalore staged the play on 20th… Continue reading Sartre’s version of hell

An impetus for change

Yesterday, I witnessed a very interesting public event. I haven’t been to many political events or gatherings in my life; I have rarely attended political talks by ministers, student leaders and activists. But yesterday was different. My friend B told me a few days back that he would be coming to Bengaluru but he was… Continue reading An impetus for change