Bangalore’s stronghold of all things heavy

Take a look at the city’s only licensed heavy metal merch store Clad in a grey Iron Maiden t-shirt, 42-year old Vikram Bhat is busy texting on his phone when I arrive. It is a breezy Sunday evening and the roads of MG Road are empty while the nearby Brigade Road is starting to see… Continue reading Bangalore’s stronghold of all things heavy

Satire in Harishankar Parsai’s stories

Harishankar Parsai brilliantly satirises traditional Indian society in his short stories. From taking digs at the bureaucratic system to patriarchal norms and religion, Parsai brings out our so-called “Hindu culture” out to the forefront for everyone to see. His short story titled Inspector Matadeen on the Moon manages to display the criminal system in India… Continue reading Satire in Harishankar Parsai’s stories

RSS swayamsevaks reach Uri

This is a satirical piece based on personal opinions about certain things in life After RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s loud claims that the RSS could assemble cadres to fight much faster than the Indian Army in a situation of war, the first squad of around 30 shivering and sleep deprived “soldiers” arrived in the freezing… Continue reading RSS swayamsevaks reach Uri

Chronicling KR Market

These photographs describe my journey to KR Market (Krishna Rajendra Market) and the different things I saw and experienced. All the photographs are taken by me using my cell phone. The pictures have been post processed up to a certain extent. The photographs were taken on 26th February 2017. Although KR Market is situated only… Continue reading Chronicling KR Market