A simple question has intrigued humans for a long long time. What happens after we die? What exactly is death? Why is it still a mystery to us? Made absolutely inaccessible to the understanding of mortals till the day it comes beckoning. And being a mortal, I too am intrigued by death. Before you call… Continue reading Death

Life. Begins with an empty slate
Fragile. Left in the hands of fate.
Driven by love.
And crushed by hate.
Until the day.
The gift is gone.
And shadows remain.


Cloudy Days

Days like this always compel me to pick up the pen. The weather is very cloudy today. A gloomy atmosphere all around.   Normally, this kind of weather will make someone either sad or ‘too lazy to get out of the bed’. I always have had a love-hate relationship with this gloomy weather. Love because I… Continue reading Cloudy Days